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Man, I have not updated this site in a while (not that people read it).  Anyways, there is a point
to this post, and that is this.  ewm-0.3 is out!  WooT!  This one is cool, cause now you can
actually INTERACT with the xcalc app!  Sweet!  If you want it go get it here.


Allright, just released ewm-0.3alpha2.  This release just adds the EwmScreenInfo class, so that Ewm
WindowManager is a little more abstracted.  I changed some class names and added the code to get
the actual program name so the title is no longer the static EliteWM.  Anyways go grab it form here.


Haven't updated the site in a while.  I was planning on this being my project for my Independent study
class but quite unfortunetally the district wouldn't supply the BIOS password so, no Linux on the laptop.
The cool part is that my teacher (we'll call him Bob) got a $5,000 grant for teaching teachers technology.
Guess who the grant is from?  Thats right, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Guess what we are going
to do with it?  Thats right, build a custom box, with a custom Linux install on it!  Thanks Bill!


Just posted ewm-0.3alpha1.  Added code for Expose event and some other stuff like fonts
and GCs.  The functionality is still pretty much the same.  Anyways grab it from here.


Just released ewm-0.2.  Go grab it from the SourceForge Project Page.


First post for the site.  Kinda small and pooey, but it will grow as the project grows.

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